Austin Texans

Austin Texans Soccer Club

Position Description 


Reports To:                           Club Director

Supervises:                           Admin; assigned volunteers and any staff brought underneath 

Location: Pflugerville, TX

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Position Summary

This position reports to the Club Director and involves the running of the day-to-day operations of ATSC.  

There are 3 distinct roles in ‘Operations Manager’:

Director of Soccer Operations (Office Operations)

– Field and Turf Maintenance

– Operations Maintenance

Position Full Time Salary 40K

The Operations Maintenance requires a vehicle that tows and can be used for tasks such as hauling diesel, moving the trailer and tractor and moving goals. We cannot outsource this vehicle. 

The Field Maintenance tasks are continual.  Ops would have to make sure sprinklers are watering correctly and at appropriate times, weeds are not getting into grass, edging, supervise mowing (Scott), weed eating, and the up keep of the turf, goals, nets. . This means, when the coaches are going on break, Ops are busy. The Turf Maintenance role is definitely on that timeline – little summer or winter break. This includes goal and net maintenance and plan for each night and weekend.  Set up is critical for training, games and events IE tourneys, tryouts, camps, Combines and so on.

Manager of Soccer Operations (Office Operations)

Oversee Admin and Office

  1. Actively maintain a yearly club calendar, in conjunction with the DOCs, Webmaster, Marketing, and others to ensure it is up to date with all significant events. Consider a complete internal calendar, team calendars, and an external calendar.
  2.   Club email support, as requested by DOCs and BOD.
  3.     Ensure that the office is orderly, clean, and stocked with necessary items.
  4.  BOD and D&P meeting support.  Secure a church meeting room as needed, or other facility as requested.
  5.  Order coaching uniform kits on a timely basis. Distribute.  Keep a stock on hand using the experiences of the past few years.
  6.  Work with the Uniform Coordinator to ensure uniform exchanges are successful using the office as a resource as needed.
  7.  Recommend improvements for the office, in priority order.
  8.  Ensure there is coverage for the admin email and club phone number.
  9. Oversight of Uniform and Volunteer coordinator

Essential Abilities and Attributes

Abilities and Attributes include but are not limited to the following: 

1.    Demonstrate leadership qualities

2.    Excellent communication and dispute resolution skills

3.    Excellent teamwork skills with Club Director office staff

4.    Exceptional organizational and time management skills

5.    Possess integrity and follow ethically sound standards

6.    Committed to working non-traditional work schedule

7.    Proven computer skills, including ability to use word processing, spreadsheets, cloud docs (i.e. google docs), and social media

8.    Ability to contribute and execute with the Club Director and other DOC’s a vision for the future success of the club

Operations Maintenance

Suggested duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to the following: 

  1.  Tryout logistics: Ensure facility setup and usage, oversight of tryout registration, player check in and securing volunteers to assist.
  2.  Ensure that field rental fees, referee fees, approved professional services, marketing incurred expenses, etc are all paid on a timely basis using approved processes.
  3. Ensure that light towers are maintained with volunteers and functioning.  Coordinate repairs and movement as needed.
  4. Logistical support for coach’s curricula and supporting community coaching education, which includes but is not limited to:
  5. Work directly with STYSA and other licensing bodies to ensure we have courses planned at Texans facilities.
  6. Logistical support for Club Director
  7. Manage logistics for college ID/Combines with the Boys and Girls College Directors.
  8. Ensure that field support is provided by the coaching staff, including painting lines for practice fields, removing goals from the fields daily, picking up trash, etc.
  9. Items may be added, modified, or deleted by the Club Director. Perform any tasks assigned
  10. Ensure efficient and progressive operation of ATSC Offices.
  11. Oversight of paid mowers and field striping
  12. Required office/field hours:

·      10am – 2pm, Monday – Thursday

·      1 week off June/early July

·      1 week off December/early Jan

 Ensure the ATSC Select Player Parent agreement and the Texans Way are up to date and current reflecting policies, processes and procedures in line with our programs, mission and vision.

Performance Metrics:  During the first year of this agreement, Ops will work with Club Director and board members to establish performance metrics for operations.