West Texas Fall Field Day

WOW!!! What a fantastic day in West Texas. Not only did we have awesome education sessions, equipment demonstrations, lunch, etc. but, great participation form the folks in the West! Thank you Greg Carroll and everyone involved. We can’t wait to head west in 2017!

The highlight of the day was the product demonstrations. Everyone had a great time learning about the latest and greatest equipment. As you can see in the photos, many of the guests tried the equipment out for themselves.

Click here to view photos from our awesome Field Day in Amarillo!

Region 2 Summer Field Day – UT Austin

Rain in July…and lots of it. But it didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of the participants of the Region 2 Summer Field Day at the University of Texas in Austin. Weston Floyd called several audibles during the day to make it an enjoyable and productive meeting. A great slate of educational speakers and vendor presentations kept us plenty busy until Mother Nature finally cooperated and allowed a tour of the UT facilities. Maybe a rain check for 2017?

When Mother Nature visits with a very rainy day all you can do is go with the flow. We set up check-in under the bleachers…it eventually was soaked with rain. We sent the attendees to  Weston Floyd’s shop for a tour and talk. We had to cancel the tour of the baseball and softball fields.

AND FINALLY…Mother Nature cooperated. The rain cleared up and we were able to go onto the football field for a tour, pictures, and a little cutting up.

Event Sponsors

Turface Athletics

Pioneer Athletics
Intelligro / Civitas
GLK Turf Solutions
Pioneer Athletics


Dow AgroScience

We had a terrific day at UT Austin. Click here for event photos